Carpet & Upholstery cleaning service with quality results that won’t break the bank

While delivering our carpet and upholstery cleaning services, your satisfaction, safety are our priority. We ensure to clean your house or business Carpets or Upholstery with attention to detail according to your specific requirements and within your budget.

Step 1

Job assessment :

Preview the work area and get info from customer to enable us identify stains etc. This enables us to plan and in turn maximise the cleaning to ensure best results and value for money.

Step 2

Setup work area :

The safe unloading and setup of the Equipment and Eco friendly cleaning agents necessary to complete our task professionaly and efficiently.

Step 3

Prepping and Hoovering :

If our customer is elderly or unable to move their furniture for us to gain access to their carpet we will move what furniture that is safe to move. we will then carry out a deep hoover to remove any light dirt before main cleaning starts

Step 4

Carpet prespray & Stain prework

Constant walking on any carpet can allow the traffic soiling and staining to be well walked into the carpet. To enable us to penetrate this we apply a prespray that when left for 10 to 15 mins will penetrate the soiling and allow easy extraction of same

Step 5

Carpet & Stain extraction.

At this stage we are finally ready to extract the traffic soiling and staining from your carpet. By using the correct cleaners in addition to our high powered machines we literally extract the dirt from your carpet. PLEASE NOTE . The 60+ deg C water used plus the extractiom chemical ensure a deep bio clean.

Final Step.

Check & Load out

Final check over area(s) to ensure successful cleaning stain removal, show same to customer and verify satisfaction. Reset furniture and advise customer on drying proceedure for best results. Clean up if necessary and load out

Cleaning services you can trust

Our licensed, bonded and fully insured cleaning company is your most trusted home/office cleaning partner. We offer a complete range of cleaning services to meet your specific needs within your budget.