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Why should your Carpets be Professionally Cleaned ?

Vacuuming alone, although essential, cannot maintain the appearance of a carpet at an acceptable level for long. Depending on various factors, the appearance of any carpet will ultimately reach an unacceptable level.   This level as we all know can be reached sooner where there is any or all of the following A large amount of traffic, the odd stain, in particular spills of food and drink which also create unwanted odours, add the occasional pet accident  ……
At that stage, cleaning is necessary . The frequency of such cleaning will depend on a carpet’s use conditions, soil conditions, fibre type, constructional specifications, colour, etc.

In general, our Home carpets require cleaning within one to one and one-half years; certainly before two years of use (and possible abuse ).


Using our modern & powerful carpet extraction /dry foam/dry cleaning machines we provide a professional cleaning for our customers whether its a sitting room carpet at your home ..or a large function room in a busy hotel.




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