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Tiled Floor Cleaning & Restoration


Showroom High gloss ceramic tile prepped & swept, machine washed and dried to remove staining / residue. Finished with an Ultra high speed Burnish to produce glass like sheen.

Kleen Tiles


Our Methods and Chemicals are Eco, Child & Pet friendly,

We use the double method Chemical + High temp. to ensure bacteria are fully removed,

Our machines have up to Three / Four times the power of Hire machines,

We carry a Full range of Spot removers for the most stubborn of stains,

Fully mobile units that ensure we bring our full service to your Business or Home,

Our Operatives are Fully Trained and importantly,  Fully Insured

We accept Cash, Cheque, Card or online payments, (T&C apply)


Welcome to Kleen Kare info. on Marble, Chinese/Indian Slate, Quarry slate or any floor that requires Sealing / Polishing.

If you are reading this there is a good chance that you are familiar with both the cost and high level of physical effort required to initially prep. and maintain your lovely floor in it’s pristine condition …

Before you go any further give me call, you will be pleasantly surprised at the competitive price we can give for the Professional finish that your floor requires. 

              Maybe you just need us to prepare your floor as you may wish to Seal it yourself ………….                           

We provide a full Floor Polish Stripping service for all other floor types including Linoleum, Marley, Tiles, Marmoleum and most Industrial floor coverings.



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